Santa Bárbara do Pará

The main factory of the company is located in Santa Barbara, 40 km away from Belém, the state capital. This factory has a great infrastructure, more than 50 qualified employees that follow regularly periodic trainings, machinery, hi-tech cold storage and an analytical laboratory to assist the quality control. The current facilities have capacity to process 56 tons of fruits per day ensuring rapid deliveries to the customers. The administrative center and the training unit are also located on this plant.

This production site has a total area of 7.000 square meters. In the 2.000 square meter factory, there are: a delivery area for the fruits; a washing area; processing, bottling and pasteurizing rooms; six freezing tunnels with a capacity of seven tons of freezing per day; two storage rooms with a capacity of 250 tons each; a g360 kVA generator; pulping machines (for manual and automated processing); several packing machines, among others.



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